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The Tenancy Law was passed in a joint sitting of parliament

Due to the general lack of tenancy law, numerous complications have arisen in several Pakistani cities. People have been dealing with the Qabza mafia and other property-related issues for a long time, with no judicial cases or opportunities to have their voices heard.
For years, it was a serious source of concern that needed to be addressed. Because it was not difficult to profit from one’s possessions. A change of Pakistan’s capital would be a smart step to avoid a property catastrophe. It gives us great pleasure to break the news from Islamabad. A new equitable tenancy law for the federal capital Islamabad has been passed by an overwhelming majority in the joint sitting of Parliament.
The Tenancy Law will aid in ensuring the protection of tenant property and tenant rights in Islamabad after the Islamabad Rent Restrictions (Amendment) Bill 2020 is passed by Parliament.
According to the new law
Every draft law for leasing property will be registered with the rent controller.
The advance payment will be possible only through cross-check.

As per the new Rules, the annual increase of 10% will be automatic. In case of any kind of dispute, the Arbitration Council shall settle, while the council will make the owner and the tenant’s representative a member, and the arbitration council will be awarded the award. Will be imagined.
Ali Nawaz Awan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, has said that a fair tenancy law was a long-standing demand of Islamabad businessmen which has been met.
We hope that rules like this will be embraced and implemented in our culture throughout time.
We, as Pakistanis, must likewise be cautious about the laws and our rights. Please abide by the laws and restrictions imposed by the government in order to make this a better place in the future. Take advantage of the opportunity to be protected from such calamity and register. Those who do not follow the rules, on the other hand, will be held accountable and must pay the penalties.
Most importantly, it is up to the people to have faith in the system and go forward with optimism for a better and safer Pakistan.

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